Banks likely to hike car and home loan rates again

Congress does what it can do best.For 50 years after independence, congress made sure that the midle class dissappeared.Only the rich(like themselves) and the poor(rest of the country )remained.Now after accidentally coming back to power,they will ensure that the the middle class which got a slight assistance during NDA rule is totally anhiliated.This is easily achieved by raising service tax(and increasing heads to charge it on),higher interest, greater income for govt by charging higher import /excise levies on oil thereby artificially raising pump prices(50%of what we pay for fuel goes as taxes),general price increase etc.


 who said our PM and FM are skilled economists ? They just have bunch of degrees which sound good to hear but their performance is absolutely poor !


Mr. Vajpayee didn’t have any degree in economics but Indian economy did much better during his NDA regime.


 when BJP said “Its feel good” every body was crying. Now i hope ppl will understand what Feel Good means.
For me NDA regime was i felt better so i went out and cast my Vote. If all of us have done the same, rather than Analysing poll results , situation have been not this worst. I am missing Atal Ji.


no one thinks of the middle class…..this government only want to drink our blood…..Rob the middle class, pocket a portion and throw the left overs to the poor……thats what the current politicians are doing…..


Are not we living in false paradise,RBI/FM says where we increase interest rate to control inflation.increase of interest rate will mean difficulty for small industry to get easy finance,they will decrease investment, economical activity will decrease.which will result into lesser buying power of consumer/which causes less demand for consumer commodity and control of inflation.


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